Modello-09 Chair

Modello 09 is a celebration of Brazilian furniture design. With its straight lines and geometric construction, this chair features a suspension form that creates an illusionary loop, connecting the seat, legs, back, and arms in a unique manner.

The materials and manufacturing process reflect a philosophy of environmental respect and a love for handcrafted items. We embrace the natural marks and bruises on the materials as badges of honor, showcasing the beauty of nature.


The construction of Modello 09 involves a relatively simple choice of materials, including hardwood, cane fiber, and brass. The teak wood forms the overall structure and defines the character of the piece. The angles and geometric shapes provide balance to the warmth of the wood, while the brass bars add a structural touch and a nod to the premium nature of gold. Finally, cane webbing carries a natural and handmade personality to the composition.

Due to the oiled nature of the locally sourced teak wood, the construction process involves the careful use of epoxy glue, notches, and sockets. 

The result is a visually intriguing angled form that appears to lack obvious structural support in the backend of the arms. However, the chair is designed to provide a solid contour, ensuring improved usability and ergonomics.



A' Design Award 2022

Press and Exhibitions:
⁃ Museo Del Design MOOD, Permanent Exhibition
⁃ 2022 Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference MMRDA India
⁃ 2022 Hebei International Industrial Design Wee 
⁃ 2022 Hebei Design Center Exhibition
⁃ 2022 Shenzhen International Ind. Design Week
⁃ 2022 Festival of Architecture and Interior Design Conference NSIC Exhibition, India

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